Our Wish List
– All children’s clothes in good condition:
– Size infant – 12
– Skirts size 10-14
– Boy’s shorts
– Shoes and sandals of all sizes
– Story books (all levels) in English
– Art supplies & projects (paint, crayons & coloring books, beading, etc.)
– Hair supplies: brushes, clip, scrunchies, etc.
– Sports clothes

For The Babies
– Cloth diapers: all sizes
– Desitin
– Plastic Pants: all sizes
– Toys for toddlers
– Shoes and sandals for toddlers

For The School
– All kinds of books in English (in good condition)
– Educational Toys
– Educational DVDs and software (National Geographic, etc.)

For The Clinic
– Medicines
– Band-Aids and bandages
– Medical equipment such as otoscopes, sterile gloves, etc.