There are so many ways to help!

Sri Ram Ashram depends on the generous support of many people around the world who help sustain this project. Here is how your generous donations help the children of Sri Ram Ashram.

A gift of $100 provides:

  • New sandals (flip-flops) for each child
  • 15 new blankets

A gift of $200 provides:

  • Annual tuition for one village child to attend school

A gift of $250 provides:

  • A year supply of underwear
  • 150 t-shirts
  • New school bags for each child

A gift of $500 provides:

  • Baby formula for two babies for one year
  • Tutoring for residential children for one year

A gift of $1000 provides:

  • A daily supply of fresh fruit for one year
  • One year of college (on average)

Endowment Funds

There are three endowment funds established for the children of Sri Ram Ashram. The general endowment fund supports the operating costs of the ashram. The girl’s and boy’s have separate education endowment funds which support the children in achieving higher education. For more information on these funds please contact the Sri Rama Foundation office..

Give a monthly gift to the project

Do you want to help, but sending $500 feels challenging to do? Our donation page allows for automatic monthly recurring donations.

Gifts of Stock

To gift stock and avoid unnecessary tax payment contact Jaya Maxon at 408 842-8117 or

Planned Gifts

A planned gift enables you to make a lasting commitment to the children of Sri Ram Ashram in a way and a time that is best for you. Please contact Sadanand Maillaird ( for more information on planned giving arrangements such as:


  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Charitable Lead Trusts
  • Gifts of Retirement Plan Assets
  • Gifts of Insurance
  • Outright gifts of cash, securities, business interests, appreciated property, etc.

 Contact Sri Rama Foundation:

Sri Rama Foundation
Post Office Box 2550
Santa Cruz, CA 95063
408 842-8117

Checks can be made payable to:
Sri Ram Foundation Orphanage fund