crossfit_new_lgRashmi Cole has been living much of each year at the ashram since 1993. In 2006, she took a one-year sabbatical to improve her health — during this time, she started training at CrossFit Santa Cruz Central, which became an integral part of her quest for fitness. However, as much as she loved CrossFit, the WODs were difficult to continue once she returned to India. Eventually, she recruited the older boys of the ashram to join her and thus began the Sri Ram Ashram CrossFit journey.

At first the boys were skeptical, but they became hooked after a few months, studying technique, scouring the internet for WODs, and improvising equipment. As the other children watch with aweed, we expanded expand to include several age groups. CrossFit has been wonderful for the ashram; we are honored to become an affiliate.

We are grateful to Coach and Lauren Glassman for their inspiration and generosity, to Tony Budding for his support and to Jim Baker and all the trainers at CrossFit Santa Cruz Central for their patience and good humor.

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