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Sri Ram Medical Clinic provides charitible health care and health education to people in rural village areas within Haridwar District. The Medical Clinic runs free outpatient care and dispenses basic medicines at a nominal cost. For serious illnesses the medical clinic is a liaison to coordinate medical care for patients within a larger community of doctors. There is a conscious effort to blend Western and local Ayurvedic medicine with other complementary systems of healing.

In 2001 Sri Ram Medical Clinic completed construction on a new 5,000 square foot two story health center where health workers will care for both Sri Ram orphanage children as well as local villagers. The design of the building takes into account the extreme climatic conditions of the summer heat and heavy rainfall of the monsoons. At the heart of the clinic, a large central airy room will provide a meeting place for villagers and staff. This is where life saving teaching will be offered to all patients to raise awareness about preventable illnesses. The facility also houses two exams rooms, a pharmacy, a lab, an operating room and a procedure room that will double as a dental suite.

Sri Ram Medical Clinic is staffed by a rotation of visiting doctors in conjunction with local Indian physicians. For more information contact Dr. Berry Armstrong (drrberry@yahoo.com) or Rashmi Sharan (rashmisra@yahoo.com).